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Plastic 2 Fuel

For a better environment our plants use the latest technology to convert non-recyclable waste plastic into Recycled Carbon Fuel.

Our Markets


We are far ahead in the planning and preparation for the first plant.


We are looking into areas as Stockholm and Malmoe. 


We are far in the prepararions for the first plant to be built in USA.


We are looking into the country primarily around Oslo and Stavanger.

The output from our Process

  • Recycled Carbon Fuel - The biggest out from the process of non-recyclable waste plastic is bio-fuel. The Recycled Carbon Fuel can be used directly in diesel engines on trucks or marine vessels. It can also be processed into products like naphtha or kerosene.
  • GAS - A part of the output is gas and the whole amount of gas is recycled to operate our process. 
  • Char - Depending on the types of plastic we process there will be some char generated during the process. The char can be reused in e.g. road construction materials.
  • Heating - The excess heating from the process can be used in combination with industries where heating is needed or it can be integrated with District Heating 


Our processes can handle nearly all types of non-recyclable plastic - also ocean plastic. 
We have with success processes ocean plastic in our test facility and they showed that our technology can generate good quality of bio-fuel out of the plastics from the oceans. 
Our technology can also handle plastics contaminated with e.g. organic waste.

Our Team



Niels Immerkjær



Jan Mathorne



Technology Advisor

Techno Systems


Technology Provider

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